Usage & Dosage

How much?

Microdosing implicates that the amount of truffles you eat is so small that you don’t feel different until after a few days, when the long-term effects of the practice become notable.

If you take vitamin C to improve on a vitamin C deficiency, you wouldn’t wish for it to alter your state of mind much. It keeps you healthy and so you don’t take it for all the fun that’s in taking it, but to avoid the aweful effects of not having enough.

With truffles – it’s the same.

All bodies are different, so each person will have to determine for themselves what’s the right amount for them. The first, most obvious factor in determining your perfect dose is body weight.

The standard recommended amount for a Microdose is 1g of fresh Truffles – these are the portions you’ll find in shops.

If you weigh much less or more than the average 80kg, you might find this dosis either too low or so high that you actually feel it affecting your daily grind, so just be aware that Natural Microdosing is a highly individual affair and you can adjust the amount as suits you.

Be aware that if you’re taking antidepressants, especially of the selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor type (SSRI), the effects of your microdose may well be much greater.

Other factors that may influence how much is perfect for you may be

your digestion, your neurochemistry, your diet or the specific truffle species used for Microdosing.

Personal experience is key, we advise you to start small and hone in on your perfect dosis.

The right schedule

Another important question is, how often to take your Microdose.

Since the dosis is sub-perceptual, it’s not clear if there’s really a tolerance building up and thus, it’s unclear wether there are residual effects extending over days. In fact, a recent study conducted by Vince Polito and Richard J. Stevenson suggests, the residual effects were negligible after the first 24h.

On the other hand, Dr. James Fadiman suggests in his book ‘The Psychedelic Explorer’s Guide‘ to Microdose every third day only, so on Day 1, Day 4, Day 7, etc.

Again, there’s no opinion on this that could be more valuable to you than your own. Once you’ve established what’s the right amount for you, we encourage cautious experimentation. Remember, the effects of psylocybin wear off after 6 hours, regardless of the amount taken, so even if you microdose every day, the effects cannot ‘stack up’.

What happens at higher doses?

Large doses of magic truffles can cause so-called “mystical experiences” that often have a great impact on world-view and personality.

They require a certain preparation and resolution from anyone interested in psychedelic exploration and come with a risk of experiencing difficult states, for example when unresolved issues in one’s past surface and make themselves noted.

For such psychedelic insights, it is recommended to first gain familiarity with truffles and to properly prepare both yourself and your environment.

Do check our Linklist for extensive information and further literature on how to properly prepare for a mystical experience, but be aware that the law in your country may distinguish between sub-perceptual microdosing and psychologically transformative “trips”.

It’s also important to note that Natural Microdosing is to be viewed as a form of food-supplement, as it does not alter your state of conscious, but rather very gradually decreases toxic stress, obsessive behavior and repetitive, self-defeating ruminations.

While the medical status of larger doses of psilocybin is currently a hot topic and psylocybin has recently been assigned Breakthrough Treatment Designation, the intended medical use and Microdosing are worlds apart.

Research on Microdosing to this day is still mostly anecdotal, even the term Microdosing is defined in different manners. Here’s how the TNMS team understands the point of microdosing and derives a definition from that purpose:

It is one thing when patients with Treatment-Resistant Depression (meaning their condition does not respond to common treatments) have medicinal, pure psylocybin administered in a session supported by a therapist.

But it’s something else entirely, to eat a gram of fresh magic truffles in the morning before going to work, as a healthy person, on a day like every other day – a difference too often overlooked.


The term Microdosing itself can be misleading, as it lumps together a great variety of artificially produced chemical substances such as LSD, MDMA and 4-AcO-DMT along with naturally occuring organisms, such as magic truffles and marijuana.

Natural Microdosing, however, is not yet sufficiently recognized as its own category and so, fear of the risks MDMA may pose to the heart or how LSD may cause or heighten anxiety can extend into expectations held concerning magic truffles.

Read more about this in our studies section