What is Natural Microdosing?

Microdosing: Taking 1/10th of an active dose of a given substance

The phrase microdosing usually refers to taking in minute doses of psychedelic substances.

Supposedly, this can have a positive impact on mood, focus and creativity.

Natural Microdosing: Taking 1/10th of a natural organism for the same purpose.

The big difference is that these are neither synthetic substances, nor are they only available on the black market.

Natural microdosing happens exclusively with living organisms – plants and fungi.

Magic truffles have a special status among natural psychedelics, because they are legally sold in Europe.

Magic truffles

magic truffles, psilocybe tampanensis

Thes truffles are also known as philosopher‘s stones, or sacred truffles. The botanical name is sclerotia.

They are categorized as “luxury food” on the European single market. This is a unique status for a natural psychedelic, because it means they are actually fully legalized.

The act of legalization made natural microdosing instantly accessible to law-abiding citizens. It occurred on the 13th of september 2019.

Magic truffle microdosing is an ideal alternative to magic mushroom microdosing. Truffles contain the same active substances, but their potency is infinitely more predictable. The unreliable potency of magic mushrooms (“shrooms”) was also the reason for their banning in 2008.

Truffles were excluded from this ban due to their safety and later fully legalized.

How does microdosing work?

Taking in minute amounts of magic truffles does not influence perception or reaction time.

Microdosing leaves one entirely sober and able to fulfill all necessary tasks. It does not cause any kind of warped vision or tiredness.

In short, there is no psychedelic effect whatsoever, which for many people raises the question “If it has no effect, why should I do it in the first place?”

Because something is happening inside the body.

Many people who practice microdosing realize an improvement of their mood which builds up gradually.

Some of the most frequently reported effects are:

  • increased ability to focus
  • better mood
  • more frequent incidents of flow states
  • improved sleep quality
  • less negative emotion and depressive episodes
  • more empathy
  • improved serenity and stress-resistance
  • increased learning capacity
  • better memory

These are but a few examples from the plethora of effects that users of microdosing have been reporting.

There seem to be 3 major categories of effects and reasons for people to microdose:

  • productivity
  • mental health
  • mood improvement

You can find a more extensive analysis on the subject on the page: Why does microdosing work?

What‘s the point of TNMS?

The natural microdosing society has decided to pick up the task of sheding light onto the “mysterious” world of microdosing.

It is a relatively new trend. Hence, media coverage is colorful and often hard to understand or even inaccurate.

Natural Microdosing is particularly under-explored. The foremost reason for this is probably that is quite unknown. It is either not mentioned at all, or only as a somewhat “excentric alternative to real microdosing”.

In reality, it‘s quite the opposite.

Humanity has been experimenting with altered states of mind since the dawn of our species. The co-existence of humanity and nature is not a mere facet, but the essence of our evolution.

No synthetic drug could hold a candle to the familiarity that human bodies have with natural organisms.

Hence, the question of safety that we are used to posing when we talk about taking something to improve our health, cannot be answered as usual. Are apples safe for consumption? How can we know, since we still haven‘t done a perfect analysis of all its contents?

Microdosing is the future of mental health.

Natural Microdosing is simple, affordable and apparently, beneficial for your well-being. There are no records of any negative effects on health.

The worst case scenario is that nothing happens and it shows no noticeable effects. Even then it can be useful to get a second opinion. Friends and family can often point out changes that happened either too subtly or too gradually for us to notice.

Natural Microdosing also takes barely any time and does not clash with any sort of conviction or religious belief.

Studies about the efficacy of magic truffles and mushrooms (as well as their active substances in purified form) hint at a great, hidden potential. Successfully treated afflictions include:

  • depression (including treatment-resistant depression)
  • addiction
  • PTSD
  • obsessive behaviour disorders
  • anxiety disorders

Furthermore, there are ongoing studies to determine the efficacy against dementia, Alzheimer‘s, eating disorders and many more.