This is the contact-page for therapists!

The Natural Microdosing Society can help you to find approved, reliable suppliers of fresh Magic Truffles of high quality. Different to Magic Mushrooms, the amount of active substances inside the organism is quite constant, which makes them supremely suitable for natural microdosing.

The traders are interested in becoming your and your patients’ suppliers. When you fill out the form below and thus register as therapist in our network, we will forward your data to suppliers. This service is free of charge for you!

You can always cancel the free membership in the TNMS without costs and hassle-free. Please see our Terms and conditions below the form!

Please describe your experiences, what you did and plan to do in as much detail as possible. Do not attach any links to this description!

“We”, “us”, “our” refers to the company Lil enterprises ltd., 71-75 Shelton Street, Covent Garden, London WC2H 9JQ, Great Britain.

TNMS is a commercial project of Lil enterprises Ltd.
“You” means you as responsible therapist.

No one has the right to use the services TNMS offers against our will.

By filling out the form and sending it to us, you make an inquiry to us and after checking it and maybe asking you more questions and after deciding to find suppliers for you, we will forward your data to suppliers of Magic Truffles.
With this, our part of the transaction is done. You should receive free samples and information from all interested traders and can choose freely who shall become your supplier.

Our service if free of charge for you, your contact data won’t be used for anything else than to find suppliers of Magic Truffles for Microdosing.

We are only an intermediary, but we kindly ask you to keep us informed about your negotiations with the traders we put you in contact with. We need the feedback for quality-control.

And please, keep us informed about your experiences with Magic Truffles in your professional field.