APP for smartphones

The Microdoser is the official, free APP of The Natural Microdosing Society. You can download it here: Google Playstore

Microdosing Coach

A coach for your personal microdosing experience, that will help you keep up with the Microdosing rhythm of your choice

Keep track of your mood, stress, creativity, pain and energy levels

Keep track of how your wellbeing is impoving. You decide how intensely you want to screen your experience.

You can get a personal coach (check ads) and be coached through your whole microdosing experience by an experienced person.

Social plattform

Form and Join Groups to connect with people with similar motives for microdosing – find the optimal dose and the right people to talk to about it.

You can contact or setup an own Microdosing Mutual Aid Groups (MiDo MAGs) and chat with people in similar situations to support each other.

Coaches can use the app to communicate with their clients and read their MiDoLogs.

The un-coached MiDo MAGs work just like the traditional “anonymous self help groups”, i.e. the Anonymous Alcoholics, that means that the privacy is laid out before all, but the identification of the person is impossible (for the other members and us).

The social plattform is part of the free app.