About us

Who‘s TNMS?

We are a small team of Microdosing and Magic Truffles enthusiats.

We see great potential in the responsible and educated use of psychedelics, especially in subperceptual doses. We love that this practice requires no more preparation than taking a vitamin pill.

So we started The Natural Microdosing Society, wich we run through the company Lil enterprises Ltd, Lodon, UK

Our aim is to develop awareness for Magic Truffles Microdosing, worldwide. It has potential to improve the well-being and health of all people, independent of their race, nationality, religion and political situation.

TNMS believes in human rights, including the right of each human being to eat the gifts of nature.

Denying others the right to eat healthy fruits that grow below the earth’s surface means, decreasing their chances of health and happiness.

And of course, misinformation about the legality, benefits and dangers of microdosing does the same.

The media landscape of psychedelics is by no means safe from the same alarming conditions that are besetting all media. Political instrumentalization and propaganda are messing with the purity of information.

We see our mission in building up ways of bypassing that kind of input, by taking out the middle man. It is not really necessary to have the microdosing experiences of others filtered through the lens of a political agenda.

We are looking forward to building a network of enthusiats, investors, traders and producers. Please do not hesitate to contact us, if you want to join and support the movement. Your participation is welcome!