What is Natural Microdosing?

Making well people better

Natural Microdosing is the practice of micro-dosing natural organisms with psychoactive potential. The most common being psilocybin containing “magic” mushrooms or magic truffles.

This is a natural way of boosting attention as well as physical and mental health, slowly building up the brain resources we need to improve our health and performance.

There’s a wide range of possible effects from Microdosing, all depending on individual metabolism, lifestyle and psychology. Some of the most frequently observed improvements are:

greater ability to focus
improved empathy
more energy
enhanced creativity
improved resistance to pain and inflammation

The truffles are cultivated, washed and then sold fresh. That means there’s no processing, no artificial chemistry and thus, nothing the body wouldn’t naturally be prepared to encounter. That’s why chances of averse effects are extremely slim.

There is, however, a chance of exceeding the dose, in which case everyday perception can be altered.

If your perception notably changes a short time after taking your dose, it was NOT a microdose.

Is it for me?

Microdosing is fast and easy, requires no extra preparation or background knowledge and comes with no strings attached, since there is no strict regiment, nor are there negative effects to stopping.

It’s especially powerful as supporting factor to all sorts of therapy or healthy lifestyle changes, or when pursuing a concrete goal, like training for a marathon or taking up meditation.

Apart from boosting performance, there’s also plenty of anecdotal evidence for its beneficial effects on various psycho-physiological ailments, such as:

frequent headaches

substance craving (e.g. smoking, overeating, addiction)

stress-induced anxiety

obsessive ruminating

What else?

TNMS has collected information on the subject and is working to make scientific studies and new developments around the subject easily accessible.