What is Natural Microdosing?

Microdosing: the intake of substances in quantities no larger than 1/10th of a psychedelic dosis.

Natural Microdosing is all about Live Food, but in small dosis. By eating small amounts of fresh sclerotia, a fungal super food from the Netherlands, it’s possible to boost both both physical and mental health.

Because the portions are so small, all effects take place on a sub-perceptual level, building up over several days, but never impairing daily consciousness.

If your perception notably changes a short time after taking your dose, it was NOT a microdose.

Is it for me?

Microdosing is fast and easy, requires no extra preparation or background knowledge and comes with no strings attached.

It’s especially powerful as supporting factor to all sorts of therapy or healthy lifestyle changes, or when pursuing a concrete goal, like training for a marathon or taking up meditation.

But even without further effort invested in the intervention, sclerotia have a wide range of benefits, such as:

improving the ability to focus

reducing toxic stress

relieving anxiety and excessive worrying

boosting creativity

lifting mood and raising levels of energy

What else?

TNMS has collected information on the subject and is working to make everything of importance easily accessible:

Sclerotia and the brain