What is Natural Microdosing?

Natural Microdosing describes the practice of regularly eating tiny amounts of 100% natural, fresh and legal magic truffles. These truffles are to be taken as a food supplement and as such, your taking them every day does not impair you mentally. Work, traffic and social interaction are no problem, as long as the effect of the microdose is sub-perceptual. Many people who microdose notice gradual improvement of their physical and mental health over days and weeks.

If you’re feeling different after your dose, it was NOT a microdose.

Is it for me?

You must be at least 18 to place an order at the shops and to participate in The Natural Microdosing Society.

Apart from that, its beneficial effects, simplicity and affordability generally make Natural Microdosing a practice that goes well with all temperaments and lifestyles.

Medical studies imply that it may have a lasting positive effect on such ailments as toxic stress and anxiety, depression, lack of energy, motivation and creativity and general mood.

So, what’s this society?

TNMS is designed as the central hub for all Natural Microdosing, including what you need to know, and how you can take the step from awareness to action.

We want to provide you with all possible ways to get involved;

Scientific Studies – to help form an educated opinion on truffles and mushrooms in general and Microdosing specifiacally.

Shops – legally selling fresh truffles for Natural Microdosing. All traders on our list are tested and approved, so you don’t run the risk of making a bad deal.

Law – an assessment of the current legal status of psilocybe mushrooms and truffles

Experts – Healthcare professionals for you to contact with all your questions and doubts

And finally, stay tuned for our APP – allowing you to get in touch with microdosers worldwide, take part in polls, publish accounts of your own experience and much more!