Our Mission


The Natural Microdosing Society’s primary purpose is to make the practice of natural microdosing widely known, easy to understand and safely accessible for everyone.

We firmly believe that there is great potential in natural microdosing for public health and individual well-being.


Through the vast increase in scientific studies in the past few months and years, beliefs held about magic mushrooms and truffles are being updated to provide us with a more complete and sober understanding of the effects they can have on our lives.

No single study or experiment can hope to touch on all aspects of natural microdosing, but through the App, by opening up the dialogue to everyone, we’re essentially crowdsourcing the field work.


To better integrate natural microdosing in the mainstream, however, information is only the first step – after that, you’re usually on your own.

That’s why TNMS provides a platform for people to find information, a trustworthy merchant, contact to knowledgable healthcare professionals and a community of like-minded microdosers that can grant mutual support and a gradual, ever broader and better exploration and understanding of the field of natural microdosing.